Women in High Performance Computing Launches ‘Move the Needle’ Project for 2024

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December 12, 2023 — Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC), in collaboration with Alces Flight, has announced the ‘Move the Needle’ project, a initiative aimed at fostering workplace inclusivity in the High Performance Computing industry.

The project, a year-long event, is dedicated to tracking actions and fostering accountability in the realm of diversity and inclusion within supercomputing. With a focus on key areas such as personal development, recruiting and retention, skills development, sustainability, legacy, and more, this initiative recognizes that every action, regardless of its scale, contributes significantly to creating a more inclusive environment.

WHPC invites individuals and groups to take part in the ‘Move the Needle’ project by pledging one or more actions to drive positive change. The pledge is currently open, with commitments commencing in January of next year. Your commitment will play a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive landscape within the HPC.

Start Your Pledge: https://womeninhpc.org/campaigns/whpc-and-alces-flight-to-collaborate-on-move-the-needle-initiative

How It Works: Throughout the year, the ‘Move the Needle’ project will conduct four surveys to assess progress, highlight achievements, and address challenges faced by participants. Participants will have the opportunity to engage online, sharing experiences and learning from one another. The project aims to unveil all  insights at the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) 2024 conference taking place in December, 2024 in Manchester, UK (with online publication shortly thereafter), with an aim to contribute to the future of workplace inclusivity.

All Actions (and All Locations) Welcome: No action is too small or too big! WHPC eagerly anticipates a diverse range of commitments, whether they be personal goals, team initiatives, or company-wide efforts. Every action is valued, and together, participants will make a collective impact towards a more inclusive future.  We are also not limiting this project geographically and welcome contributions from all over the world.

Why Participate?: In the rapidly evolving landscape of supercomputing, diversity of thought is paramount. By joining the ‘Move the Needle’ project, participants actively contribute to shaping the future of the industry. Their unique perspectives and commitments will create a ripple effect, inspiring positive change across communities.

Join WHPC and Alces Flight in moving the needle for diversity and inclusion in high-performance computing. Let’s make 2024 a year of progress, collaboration, and empowerment.

Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) is dedicated to promoting diversity and the career advancement of women and underrepresented groups in high-performance computing. WHPC provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and professional development to support all those in need in this rapidly evolving field.

About Alces Flight: Alces Flight provides high-performance computing and cloud infrastructure solutions, contributing to the technological advancements of organizations worldwide. Their support for WHPC’s ‘Move the Needle’ project reflects their commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the industry.