Call for Papers: Ken Kennedy Institute Energy HPC Conference, Jan. 15 Deadline

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The 17th Annual Energy High Performance Computing Conference hosted by the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University, to be held March 5-7, 2024, has issued an invitation to submit an abstract for presentation. The deadline is Monday, January 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM CT. ​Abstract submission information can be found here.

Conference organizers invite prospective speakers to submit technical program abstracts that highlight technology, use-cases, and solutions that support data-driven discovery and decision making.

Those accepted will be asked to deliver a 20-25 minute presentation, including Q&A, as part of the conference program on March 5-6. Presentations will be recorded and published online on the Ken Kennedy Institute’s YouTube channel. Those whose abstracts are accepted will be notified by January 25.

​Computation, data, and information technology continue to stand out across the energy industry as critical business enablers. Recent advances in machine learning, deep learning, robotics, and AI are emerging, and there is convergence between these emerging areas and HPC. With the end of Moore’s law, challenges are mounting around a rapidly changing technology landscape. However, the end of one era is also an opportunity for advancements and the beginning of a new era – a renaissance for system architectures highlights the need for investments in people (workforce), algorithms, software innovations, and hardware platforms to support system scalability and demands for increasing digitization across the energy sector.