Open Compute Project: Inaugural Advisory Board Applications Deadline Feb. 7

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Jan. 12, 2024 — The Open Compute Project announced the formation of its inaugural advisory board.

“In an effort to foster diversity and inclusivity in other market segments and geographies of the Community, OCP is creating an OCP Advisory Board,” the organization said.

Application information can be found here. The application process closes Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024.

The OCP Advisory Board will provide specialist and strategic advice to help solve a range of business and growth challenges facing the Foundation and the industry. The advisors will provide advice on business and technology transitions, and the expansion into new innovative technologies, market segments and geographies. The OCP Advisory Board also creates a path for the selection of new Board Directors, allowing candidates to interact with the existing executive board and demonstrate their professional knowledge, thought leadership, support and influence.

Creation of the Advisory Board will be through an open application process. All OCP members have an opportunity to apply for the Advisory Board.

There are four primary criteria for the selection process:

  • The company’s historical contributions and volunteer leadership representation within OCP
  • Employed by a company that has contributed technology and resources to OCP
  • Person has held leadership positions in OCP or other collaborative organizations
  • Employed by a company that has a history of sponsorship

OCP Tiered Members (Platinum, Gold, Silver) will be given priority

The candidate’s leadership skills and experience:

  • Technologist: Professional career has focused on the leading-edge of industry technology trends
  • Collaborator: Ability to connect & collaborate well with many organizations and have a history of persuasive & passionate advocacy for open-source technologies
  • Business Acumen: Knowledge of collaborative design processes, manufacturing models, supply chain & sales channels necessary to enable and drive deeper adoption of open-source globally
  • Legal Experience: Experience in IP policy, open source licensing, & the legal frameworks for multi-company collaboration (bylaws, governance, best practices)
  • Global Experience: Experience in growing worldwide community engagement & membership

The company represents one of the business segments that offer technical diversification with the existing OCP Board:

  • End-User companies (e.g. Cloud Tier 2, Enterprise, Telecom)
  • Silicon and IP Provider Companies
  • IT Infrastructure Equipment Providers
  • DC Physical Infrastructure Providers
  • The company provides global geographic diversity

The OCP Advisory Board meets on a semi-regular basis, and the tenure of an OCP Advisory Board member is two years.

All OCP members (that are not OCP Board members) have an opportunity to apply for the Advisory Board. However, only one nominee per company is allowed.