QuEra Releases Quantum Roadmap

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BOSTON, January 9, 2024 – Quantum computing company QuEra has announced a roadmap for a series of error-corrected quantum computers starting in 2024 and culminating in a system with 100 logical error-corrected qubits.

QuEra’s roadmap outlines a three-phase release:

  • 2024: Launching a quantum computer with 10 logical qubits,transversal gate capability, and over 256 physical qubits. Transversal gates are crucial in quantum computing for their ability to prevent error propagation across qubits, making them inherently error-resistant. They simplify quantum error correction by allowing errors to be corrected independently for each qubit. This system establishes the groundwork for error-corrected quantum computing. Additionally, to assist in assessing and preparing algorithms for the era of error correction, QuEra will release a logical qubit simulator in the first half of 2024.
  • 2025: An enhanced model with 30 logical error-corrected qubits with magic state distillation, supported by over 3,000 physical qubits. Magic state distillation enables the implementation of a broader range of quantum gates with higher fidelity, allowing for the execution of non-Clifford gates, which are crucial for universal quantum computations.
  • 2026: Introduction of a third-generation quantum error-corrected model with 100 logical qubits and over 10,000 physical qubits. This development, capable of deep logical circuits, will push quantum computing beyond the limits of classical simulation, ushering in a new era of discovery and innovation.

These advancements build upon the recent breakthrough published in Nature, “Logical quantum processor based on reconfigurable atom arrays,” by Bluvstein et al. (Nature 2023), where a Harvard-led group, together with QuEra, MIT, NIST, and the University of Maryland, reported the execution of complex algorithms with 48 logical qubits.

“With this product release plan, we are opening doors to a new world of computational possibilities,” said Alex Keesling, CEO of QuEra Computing Inc. “We are excited to leverage all the building blocks developed in past years – qubit shuttling, transversal gates, high-fidelity 2-qubit gates, and a zoned architecture – to deliver a world-leading system. It will allow us to collaborate with global partners to explore the vast potential of quantum computing and drive innovation across various sectors.”

Quantum error correction is critical to fulfill the immense promise of quantum computers, QuEra said in its announcement. This advanced technique addresses the inherent fragility of quantum states and the susceptibility of qubits to interference from their environment, which can lead to errors in quantum computations. By implementing error correction protocols, quantum computers can maintain the integrity of quantum information over longer periods, enabling them to perform complex calculations that are beyond the reach of classical computers. This enhances the reliability and scalability of quantum systems and paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in fields ranging from materials science to drug discovery and optimization problems. By providing the first commercial error-corrected system, QuEra is setting a new bar in performance and usability.

This announcement comes on the heels of a breakthrough 2023 for QuEra, marked by significant progress on multiple fronts:

  • Completing a $30M Series A funding round early in the year.
  • Expanding the public availability of QuEra’s flagship 256-qubit Aquila system on a major cloud platform, with access increasing from 10 to over 100 hours per week. Both commercial and academic users have benefited from this increased availability, leading to several important scientific and technological results.
  • Attracting top talent, the team has grown to include over 50 highly-skilled scientists and engineers. The company has also bolstered its management team with experienced and accomplished executives, positioning itself for accelerated growth and innovation.
  • Scientists from Harvard, QuEra, MIT, UMD and NIST released a series of breakthrough scientific results. These advances provide critical building blocks and cement QuEra’s status as a leading quantum computing company.

“In a few years, the number of physical qubits will be less important to customers, and the focus will switch to logical error-corrected qubits,” said Nate Gemelke, Co-founder and CTO of QuEra. “Today, we are taking a major step in this critical transition from quantum experimentation to true quantum computing value.”

QuEra invites developers to adapt their software to these groundbreaking capabilities, encourages enterprises to explore error-corrected algorithms with logical qubits through collaboration, and urges HPC centers and national programs to consider purchasing and deploying these advanced computers on-premises. For those interested in early access to these breakthrough capabilities, a new waitlist page is now available at https://www.quera.com/waitlist.