Advanced Clustering Launches New ClusterVisor Edition

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KANSAS CITY, MO. (Feb. 23, 2024) – ClusterVisor, a HPC cluster management software solution from Advanced Clustering, is now available with a new edition that includes a redesigned web user interface, role-based access control, monitoring alerts and a new upgrade tool. Most significantly, ClusterVisor now comes bundled with LogVisor AI, a log file analysis tool that uses an AI model to analyze log files and assign a rating for each message. Important log entries can be made into alerts that turn all important log file messages into actionable alerts for HPC cluster administrators.

“The effectiveness of high performance computing resources comes down to how effectively those resources are managed and maintained,” said Kyle Sheumaker, President and CTO of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “Configuring the cluster for maximum performance, and neutralizing errors and failures before they can affect performance, are critical tasks that ClusterVisor addresses with ease.”

When installed using the ClusterVisor appliance, ClusterVisor becomes a disaster recovery solution, holding all of the images for the whole system. In addition, ClusterVisor stores the entire cluster’s configuration, in effect becoming the point of truth for the entire system.

A powerful statistics and monitoring engine makes it easy to keep track of cluster health. Rack diagramming is a drag and drop experience, and it is possible to overlay statistics on the diagrams to see how a visual representation of how the entire system in its rack(s) is performing.

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