Arcitecta Unveils Global Data Transfer Capabilities

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MELBOURNE & SYDNEY– February 19, 2024 – Arcitecta, a data management software company, announced enhancements to its Mediaflux Livewire offering that address the challenges of transmitting data over low-bandwidth and unreliable network connections. With the latest Mediaflux Livewire, customers can securely and reliably transfer massive file volumes at light speed around the globe, fostering collaboration and allowing those in research, life sciences, higher education, media and entertainment, defense and other sectors to focus on their data, not the management of the data.

“Data is the new gold, and to foster collaboration, it needs to flow seamlessly between users, regardless of their location around the world,” said Jason Lohrey, Founder and CEO of Arcitecta. “High-performance transmission solutions should make it easy and reliable for people and systems to move data to the right place at the right time, whether for sharing with colleagues or transmitting elsewhere for analysis. Highspeed data transmission is a crucial component of modern data management and storage fabrics to enable a global mesh of managed data. With the enhancements to Mediaflux Livewire, we have addressed the most demanding challenges at both ends of the spectrum – from the slowest and most difficult networks to the highest-performance networks. Mediaflux Livewire manages it all as part of an end-to-end data management solution.”

Mediaflux Livewire is a file transfer software solution that leverages the power of metadata to optimize data movement via parallelized data transfers across latent networks and eliminate redundant file transfers. Livewire was initially designed for high-latency, high-performance network environments and wide-area networks (WAN) with latencies exceeding 200 milliseconds. The new Mediaflux Livewire enhancements solve the problem of transmitting large amounts of data over very low-bandwidth and unreliable network connections. With the new capabilities, customers with smaller networks, especially relative to the size of data they need to transmit, can easily keep large amounts of data synchronized between sites and transmit data in both directions, regardless of low network bandwidth and reliability.

The new enhancements allow Livewire to:

  • Significantly reduce the size of network traffic between sites and dramatically increase performance over low-bandwidth connections. By creating a visual representation of which files are at each site, Livewire allows changes to be identified and transmitted without the need to ask whether those files are in synchrony. Livewire keeps this visual image indefinitely and at all locations.
  • Dynamically auto-tune the compression of any file or any file portion with new adaptive compression capabilities that decrease the amount of data transmitted. No administration is required – the system performs automatically without any manual configuration. This approach accelerates data transmission over low-bandwidth network connections and monitors the efficacy and savings of compression across the system.
  • Provide reliable packet retransmission when connections fail on high-latency networks without impacting throughput, even with 100GE or higher speed networks. Livewire supports streamed data sources, such as incoming network data pipes and traditional file-based data sources, and maximizes network throughput, even in unreliable network environments.
  • Monitor network performance and transmissions with a new 3-D worldview of sites, ping times, and network traffic to clearly see point-to-point flows, the aggregate bandwidth, and whether there are any network connectivity issues. In real-time, users can visualize the layout, flow rates and network health for geolocated data endpoints.