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Video Gallery: 2016 HPC User Forum in Tucson

titleWelcome to the 2016 HPC User Forum in Tucson

  • HPC Market Update and IDC’s Top Growth Areas for 2016 and Beyond, Earl Joseph, IDC, Video, Slides

  • Vendor Update: Dell, Ed Turkel, Video
  • Vendor Update: Altair, Bill Nitzberg, Video
  • Vendor Update: SGI, Video * Slides
  • NSCI Update, Saul Gonzalez Martirena from NSF, Video Not Available * Slides
  • HPC at Imperial College London: Simon Burbidge, Video * Slides
  • HPC and SMEs: The Fortissimo Initiative: Bastien Koller (HLRS) Video * Slides
  • Europe’s Fastest Supercomputer and the World Around It: Michael Resch (HLRS), Video Not Available
  • OpenHPC: Community Building Blocks for HPC Software, Karl Schulz, (Intel) Video Not Available
  • Performing Simulation based, real time decision making with Cloud HPC: Zack Smocha (Rescale) Video * Slides
  • Clouds for the Missing Middle: Leo Reiter (Nimbix) Video * Slides
  • Managing Large Production Cloud Deployments: Jason Stowe (Cycle Computing) Video
  • Trends in HPC Cloud Computing: Tejas Karmarkar (Microsoft Azure) Video
  • Use Cases and Best Practices for Cloud-based Enterprise HPC: David Pellerin (Amazon Web Services) No Video Available * Slides
  • Financial Risk Management Analysis: Challenges, Changes, and the Cloud, Jeffery Smart, AIG, Video Not Available * Slides
  • Jetstream: Adding Cloud-based Computing to the National Cyberinfrastructure: Matt Vaughn (TACC) Video * Slides
  • Challenges Deploying Advanced Analytics Using SPARK in a Shared Infrastructure: Nick Werstiuk (IBM) Video * Slides
  • Intel’s Machine Learning StrategyVideo * Slides
  • ORiGAMI: Advanced Data and Workflow: Rangan Sukumar (ORNL) Video * Slides
  • Gaia – Application-Network Symbiosis in Big Data Analytics: Mosharaf Chowdhury (University of Michigan) Video * Slides

  • Scientific Analytics & Visualization for Complex Biological Systems: Arvind Ramanathan (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Video * Slides
  • Machine Learning, Prabhat (NERSC) Video * Slides
  • AMD ROC – Radeon Open Compute Platform, Gregory Stoner, AMD, Video * Slides
  • Disruptive Technologies
    • Verne Global Datacenters for Forward Thinkers, Jorge Balcells, Verne Global, Video * Slides
    • Quantum Computing and D-Wave, Bo Ewald, D-Wave Systems, Video * Slides
    • Bringing High Performance Analytics to Every Enterprise, Patrick McGarry, Ryft, Video * Slides
  • HPC4MFG – Creating an Ecosystem to Support US Manufacturing Adoption of High Performance Computing: Peg Folta (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) Video * Slides
  • Coupled Models for Water Resources Research, Ruth Cheng, ERDC, Video Not Available
  • Fostering Innovation at AFRL: Lloyd Slonaker, No Video Available * Slides
  • HPE HPC & Big Data Update: Bill Mannel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Video * Slides
  • HPE Persistent Memory, Joe Foster, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Video
  • Emerging Graph Application Use Cases and the Potential for GPU Acceleration, Brad Bebee, BlazeGraph, Video
  • Leveraging HPC for Alzheimer’s Research and Beyond: Joseph Lombardo, UNLV, Video
  • Cybersecurity in the Commercial Sector, Bob Sorensen, IDC, Video
  • Group Discussion on the NSCI Initiative, Bob Sorensen, IDC, Video Not Available