Video Gallery: HPC User Forum 2014 in Seattle


Welcome to the 2014 HPC User Forum Video Gallery.


  • Submissons Open for the 2014 Innovation Excellence Awards, Chirag Dekate, IDC * Video
  • Steve Scott Returns to Cray as CTO * Podcast

Day 1

  • HPC Market Update and IDC’s Top Growth Areas for 2014 and Beyond, Earl Joseph, IDC * Video * Slides
  • Building Scalable Technologies for Semantic Analysis, John Feo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory * Video
  • Real-Time Geospatial Rendering Project, Amit Vij and Nima Neghaban, GIS Federal * Video
  • Update on HPC at PayPal, Arno Kolster and Ryan Quick, PayPal * Video * Slides not available
  • Commercial Firms Exploiting Multi-Cluster Grids for HPC, Charlotte Crain, SAS * Video
  • Using Genomic Sequencing and HPC to Help Save The Lives of Critically Ill Children, Shane Corder, Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine * Video * Slides
  • Genomes to Structures to Function: The Role of HPC, Jack Collins, National Cancer Institute * Video * Slides
  • New Developments in HPC Cloud Computing, Tim Carroll, Cycle Computing
  • Update on HPC Use on AWS, David Pellerin, AWS * Video * Slides
  • Predictable Performance and Secured HPC Cloud Services through IBM Platform Computing, Charlie Gonzales, IBM * Video * Slides
  • Update on HPC in Poland, Marek Niezgódka, ICM/University of Warsaw * Video * Slides


  • Industrial achievements on Blue Waters using CPUs and GPUs, Seid Koric, NCSA * Video
  • Development of Intel MIC Codes in NWChem, Edoardo Apra, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory * Video
  • Experiences Using Intel Phi Coprocessors, Troy Porter, Stanford University
  • Accelerators at ORNL – Application Readiness, Early Science, and Industry Impact, John A. Turner ORNL * Video * Slides
  • Initial Experiences Programming Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs Inside Convey’s HC01ex, Stephen Bique, Naval Research Laboratory * Video
  • Memory-Driven Near-Data Acceleration, Jan van Lunteren, IBM Research Labs, Zurich * Video * Slides
  • Advancing Science In Alternative Energy And Bioengineering With Many-Core Processors And Accelerators, Michael Brown, Intel * Video * Slides
  • Update on HPC at HP, Ed Turkel, HP * Video * Slides


  • HPC at HLRS and in Germany, Michael Resch, HLRS/University of Stuttgart * Video
  • Multiphase Flow Modeling and Simulation: HPC-Enabled Capabilities Today and Tomorrow, Igor Bolotnov, North Carolina State University * Video * Slides
  • Bits, Bytes and BTUs: Warm Water Liquid Cooling at NREL, Steven Hammond, NREL Results of Study Comparing Liquid * Video * Slides
  • Update on Trinity System Procurement and Plans, Manuel Vigil, Los Alamos National Laboratory * Video * Slides