M$oft dropping the term grid, keeps technologies

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There is a lot of chatter on the web about grid computing again, but this time it’s not aimed at us, it’s aimed at the enterprise. This kind of grid computing is often conflated with server virtualization concepts, and is aimed a on demand provisioning and extremely high availability for transactional processing.

Dan Ciruli has a good post about all this.

Earlier this month internetnews.com covered the 2007 grid computing outlook as seen by one group of analysts at the 451 Group. Interesting opinions in that report:

“…It will be more relevant as grids are used to support far more than HPC tasks, but less used as vendors seek to be associated with far more activity, and far higher up the stack, than grid computing.”

IBM and Oracle could drop “grid” from their products “in favor of a broader term,” the 451 Group analysts wrote, while Microsoft “has made it very clear that it will not use the term ‘grid.'”