Real-time gambling system using SGI tech

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In the “I didn’t know they used HPC gear for that” department: Konami Gaming, which makes player tracking software for casinos, uses SGI Altix and TP9300/TP9500 storage systems to track player bets in casinos.

The Konami software tracks a players’s individual table bets and slot machine pulls, providing real time feedback to players and casino management. From the release:

Players insert an ID card, and the system not only tracks their bets, but prompts them about incentives and promotions. The same system tracks the play at other gambling venues — tables, Keno, sports book, bingo — so that the random I/O traffic through a typical 2,000-slot casino’s player tracking system can reach millions of transactions per day. …While Konami Gaming isn’t the only company making player tracking software, it is the only company that can provide personalized real-time responses during every game. That capability, embodied in KCMS, is powered by the SGI Altix server and SGI® InfiniteStorage TP9300 and TP9500 systems.