Bull's new system

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If you’re over the pond, or just a Francophile at heart, you’re no doubt interested in the new HPC system from French computer maker Bull. It’s been covered in several places, but The Register has some informative yet pithy coverage:

The French computer maker this week rolled out the NovaScale R422. …The R422 design comes from work done by Supermicro and Intel on the “Atoka” motherboard. It’s this unique design which lets 2 two-socket servers sit side-by-side in a 1U chassis, giving customers up to 16 cores of horsepower. The Bull system will run on dual and quad-core versions of the Xeon chip (5100 and 5300 Series) and can crank out up to 170 Gflops. Stack a rack full of the systems, and you can hit 5.4 Tflops of peak performance.