Intel science fair

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The Intel science fair opened yesterday, with 1,500 students competing for more than $4 Million. It’s the world’s largest science fair. From Intel’s announcement:

More than 20 percent of the young scientists competing in Intel ISEF 2007 either have a patent or have applied for a patent for their work. This year’s projects tackle such themes as climate change, such as a solar-powered water generator and a device to increase the mileage of hybrid vehicles; cancer treatment, including a way to prevent the development and progression of lung cancer and a way to identify cells that contribute to cancer growth and therefore may be critical targets for chemotherapy; and engineering solutions, such as a “smart swim” drowning alert system for children, a robot that uses artificial intelligence to determine the most efficient paths through mazes and an airplane engine that can run on compressed air.

I, um, did a thing on the effectiveness of antacids, and, you know, found which one was better. I used construction paper to make a bar chart.