CPU Tech and BAE working on Bradley vehicle

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CPU Tech and BAE announced (PDF) today that

they have been funded by the U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command for a collaborative effort to begin the development of a SystemLab based virtual model of BAE Systems’ Bradley Combat Systems vehicle. The virtual model will run on CPU Tech’s new SystemLab Platform Simulator (SystemLab PS) and execute actual Bradley software at real time speeds. When completed, the virtual model will enable engineering teams networked together to have complete visibility inside the electronics of the entire vehicle during actual real time software execution.

I spoke with a representative of the company who shared some interesting perspective with me.

The company describes it as “a technology breakthrough on the level of what the “X-ray” did for the medical industry.” SystemLab PS is a ‘tipping point’ in technology development that enables engineers to “see inside” and perform internal, system-level diagnostics of highly-complex electronic systems, enabling real-time diagnosis and debugging of system-level problems resulting in a more rapid and cost-effective time to production.

Announced in May of this year, the SystemLab PS product line is a complete solution that includes hardware, enterprise software, virtual model development, custom library elements, training and support.