IBM creates blades for the little guy

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IBM announced its new BladeCenter S yesterday. The new blade computing system is aimed at allowing smaller businesses to integrate the servers used in a small office environment into one system that can sit on a desktop. From the release

IBM logoIBM BladeCenter S is “right-sized” to sit on a desktop, plug into a standard 110 volt power outlet often found in home offices, and manage storage and up to six blade servers at a time. Designed to integrate applications most commonly used for business functions — such as antivirus/firewall, voice over IP, email, collaboration, back-up and recovery and file and print applications — the new system is intended to run in a typical office environment.

And — you guessed it — there’s even an energy advantage. According to IBM the BladeCenter S can reduce a company’s server energy use up to 85%. Green really is the new black.

The BladeCenter S is expected to be available in Q4 of 2007.