Alcatel-Lucent: 13 Tb/s over 2,550 km

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News from the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC) in Berlin, as reported by HPCwire:

The major breakthroughs are: the transmission of 12.8 Terabit/s of data through a single optical fiber over a record distance of 2,550 km, a precursor for long-haul transmission at 100 Gbit/s per wavelength; a pioneering 8 Terabit/s data transmission using a simple and cost effective 100 Gbit/s channel modulation; and the first hybrid DWDM transmission of 100 Gbit/s and 40 Gbit/s channels in the same system, demonstrating migration and coexistence capabilities of both.

Lots of good stuff in there. Previous long-haul record was 10 Tb/s.