Recent Marriages : IBM Blade Center H and Mellanox ConnectX

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Wednesday, Sept 19: IBM Blade Center H and Mellanox ConnectX Infiniband HCA’s exchanged their vows in an undisclosed location. IBM officially announced the inclusion of the ConnectX 20 Gb/s Infiniband HCAs into their latest blade chassis technology.

“ConnectX IB InfiniBand adapters deliver unparalleled 20Gb/s I/O connectivity for high-throughput and latency-sensitive clusters, grids and virtualized environments,” said Eyal Waldman, chairman, president and CEO of Mellanox Technologies. “IBM BladeCenter H is an optimized platform for business-critical applications and our InfiniBand adapters further enhance power efficiency through I/O consolidation, and enables applications to achieve the most performance out of multi-core CPUs.”

The latest combination of IBM blade and low-latency interconnect will be available this October and currently supports the OpenFabrics Infiniband stack version 1.2.5.