Voltaire teams on domain HPC box

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Voltaire announced yesterday that it has teamed with semiconductor software design maker Synopsys to offer an HPC box aimed at the semiconductor mask data-preparation vertical

Voltaire logoThe HPC solution, which consists of the Synopsys CATS MDP solution running on a high-performance compute infrastructure with Voltaire InfiniBand and DataDirect Networks’ storage, reduced MDP turnaround time by up to 4X compared to clusters using Gigabit Ethernet.

…Originally developed for Synopsys in-house testing and now available to customers, the new HPC solution delivers high-performance file I/O using the Lustre® parallel file system from Cluster File Systems (CFS), DataDirect Networks’ S2A (Silicon Storage Appliance) and the Voltaire Grid Director™ 10 Gigabits/second InfiniBand switches