An odd horse race

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So, I get that in the US at least we’re all about the horse race. We don’t talk about which candidate would make the best president, we talk about who’s raised the most money. And then there’s the Top500 list.

But this press release from IBM strikes me as a race too far:

Today at Storage Networking World, IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that IDC, a leading IT market research and advisory firm, has reported that for Q2’07, IBM was once again the number one tape product vendor in the world, based on branded tape revenue (1). IBM captured 33.3 percent of the total branded tape revenue global market for Q2’07.

The “total branded tape revenue global market?” I’m not even sure what those words mean when pressed together like that, but I’m almost sure that writing that sentence was not a natural act.

And, to answer your question: no, there isn’t any actual news content in this post.