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Continuing the trend of making HPC easier in today’s posts, Joe over at Scalability.org is talking about a project his company is working on (now) called DragonFly. According to Joe, today’s version descends from the simple idea that users could fill out a web form and submit a job.

Of course there are lots of folks working on things like this (including us in the DoD where we have some odd and very constraining security considerations), and each and every one of those projects is a good thing. I’m especially happy to see Joe’s effort precisely because its not in a university or a government lab. Eventually someone will do something that will look “obvious” in hindsight (all the best stuff is obvious in hindsight and totally non-obvious at the time), and everyone will rapidly and without much thought migrate away from the command line for routine use.

The short story of how they got from SICE v0 to DragonFly is interesting. Check it out.

For what it’s worth (not much), I love the name.