Intel out early with new Penryn

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The Daily Tech reported yesterday that Intel bumped the release of its new high end 3.0 GHz 45nm quad-core Penryn processor. TheQX9650 is a process shrink of the Core 2 Duo architecture, width additional L2 cache and SSE4 instructions added for good measure. According to the Daily Tech

The QX6950 features 12MB of L2 cache, a 1333 MHz front-side bus and a 130W thermal envelope.

The QX9650 will remain Intel’s halo processor for the better part of 2008 until the introduction of the next, and possibly last, Core 2 Duo frequency bump. In last 2008, Intel will replace its server and desktop architectures in favor of its next-generation architecture, dubbed Nehalem.

Intel representatives claim all media information about the QX9650 is now available for the public domain with the exception of the price.

The lid is expected come off the rest of the Penryn basket on November 12 when details of the entire line will be releasd to the public.