Verari offers 528 cores in a rack

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Verari announced a new datacenter form factor today

Verari Sytems logoThe VB1160D server combines the latest Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 3200 series processors with the fastest, most power efficient DDR2-800 memory available in a blade server. The combination of Intel’s latest X38 chipset and second generation PCI-E x16 slots in a high performance blade server is a powerful enabler for a wide range of vertical markets such as the service provider market, where density and application performance are critical.

…The VB1160D blade server delivers exceptional processing power by making use of a high performance quad-core processor with up to 16GB of memory and up to 2TB of hard disk storage per blade. A single Verari Systems BladeRack® 2 platform can house up to 132 server nodes delivering over 100TB of storage and 528 processor cores in just two data center floor tiles.