Allinea and TACC partner on HPC tools

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UK-based Allinea has announced today (sorry, the announcement isn’t yet posted anywhere) that they are partnering with the Texas Advanced Computing Center on the development of new tools for HPC for debugging apps on very large numbers of processors.

From the release

Allinea logoKarl W. Schulz of TACC stated, ‘Developing software that can scale to thousands of compute cores is one of the major challenges in HPC. With the acquisition of our new Ranger system, TACC needed to offer scalable tools to the scientists and engineers that will develop applications for this system. To that end, TACC will deploy DDT as the graphical debugging tool on Ranger for use by a community of diverse users and we are pleased to continue working with Allinea to help define the next generation of tools for systems with 10’s of thousands of processor cores”