Allinea's DDT moves in on the XT

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The last time we mentioned Allinea on this site was back in June when they announced their flagship parallel debugger was available on CCS. This week they’ve announced that their Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) is now available for CRAY XT4 and 5.

Allinea has been working closely with Cray, as well as key end-users, to provide customers with the best available technology for parallel debugging. “Very large-scale, multi-core MPP architectures such as the Cray XT systems require users to develop increasingly scalable applications. This in turn drives the need for a powerful and scalable debugging solution,” said David Lecomber, CTO of Allinea. “We are pleased to announce that DDT is now supporting Cray customers and we believe that DDT on Cray’s XT systems will fully meet the requirements and expectations of its most demanding end-users.”