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Liquid cooled IBM p575

So, I missed this on the show floor, but evidently IBM was showing off a liquid cooled version of a Power6 system. ZDNet’s George Ou has some details, with pics.

At the SC07 supercomputing conference (image gallery) in Reno Nevada, IBM previewed the liquid cooled 32-core 4.7 GHz System p 575 Power6 supercomputer last night at the opening gala. What sets this server apart is that it actually returns to a water cooling system which were common in older mainframes but shunned in recent years. This 32-core 4.7 GHz Power6 system with up to 256 GB memory (64 4GB FBDIMMs) is designed to compete with systems based on 64-core Intel 1.6 GHz Itanium 2 systems.

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