InsideTrack: the DT has the skinny on what Intel and AMD have in store

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The DailyTech has had several posts over the last few days chock full of tidbits from leaked memos and shady sources. Good stuff! I’ve gathered three here so you can amaze and astound your less-informed friends

First up, the DT has a leaked memo with details on the Phenom CPU and motherboard availability.

More details of the AMD platform launch that included the Phenom, the RD790 chipset and the RV670 graphics processor surfaced early in November. DailyTech reported early in November 2007 on the pricing structure of the Phenom processors ranging from about $280 to $330 USD.

An AMD internal memo shows the AMD Phenom 9700, 2.4 GHz processor is slated for mid-December availability. Allocation for the Phenom 9600 running at 2.3GHz has been pushed back to a Q1 2008 date.

Up next, also from AMD, are details on the tri-core processor scheduled for 2008 and 2009

AMD picked up big headlines the day before Intel’s Fall Developer Forum with the announcement of its upcoming tri-core processors.

AMD’s original release did not specify if this tri-core processor, code named Toliman, would be a totally new processor or merely a stripped-down version of the existing Agena core. The answer, it appears, is both.

And to round it out, we have leaked info on the forthcoming Intel Penryn mobile processor

Initial Penryn mobile processors will launch exclusively with a 35W thermal envelope. Existing Merom mobile processors (T7000-series) also fit inside the 35W envelope at standard voltage. However, with the Montevina Centrino refresh in the second half of 2008, new Penryn mobile processors will receive a 25W TDP rating instead.

Looking further into the future, Q3 will see the addition of another group of 45nm Penryn-based processors using Intel’s Montevina platform. These processors will feature 6MB of L2 cache in Core 2 Duo form and 12MB of cache for Core 2 Extreme models — both will feature 1066MHz FSBs along with support for DDR3 memory.