Call for Papers: 3rd Workshop on Virtualization in HPC and Grid Computing

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Call for papers for the 3rd Workshop on Virtualization in High Performance and Grid Computing

Virtual machine monitors are reaching wide-spread adoption in a variety of operating systems as well as scientific educational and operational usage areas. With their low overhead, hypervisors allows for concurrently running large numbers of virtual machines, providing each encapsulation, isolation and in the case of Xen, network-wide CPU migratability. VMMs offer a network-wide abstraction layer of individual machine resources to OS environments, thereby opening whole new cluster-and grid high-performance computing (HPC) architectures and HPC services options. With VMMs finding applications in HPC environments, these workshops aim to bring together researchers and practitioners active on virtualization in distributed and high-performance cluster and grid computing environments. The workshops will be one day in length, composed of 20 min paper presentations, each followed by 10 min discussion sections. Presentations may be accompanied with interactive demonstrations. The workshop will end with a 30 min panel discussion by presenters.

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