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Quickpath, nee CSI, details out next week

Ashlee Vance at The Register looks briefly at Intel’s HyperTransport-esque offering, now called Quickpath.

Early information apparently pegs QP (yes, as far as I know I made that abbreviation up) at 96 GB/s processor-to-processor and  34 GB/s peak memory bandwidth.

We’ll wait to hear a bit more from Intel before squaring QuickPath – formerly known as CSI – against Hypertransport 3.0, which can aggregate 41.6GB/s in two directions. CSI should ship with the four-core Tukwila chip in 2008.

David Kanter tells Ashlee

Realistically, Intel will pack quite a bit more bandwidth on – because they are using 4+1 QPI links (4 to talk to other processors and 2 half links for I/O), compared to the 4 HT3 links that AMD will be using in future MPUs … What’s most impressive about Tukwila is the memory bandwidth – it has the same bandwidth as a full 4 socket Opteron system, all in one socket.

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