City College of New York Using SGI for Traffic Sims

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The recently unveiled Universal Transportation Model Simulation Center [UTMSC] at City College of New York has chosen an SGI Altix 4700 high performance computing platform. The machine is destined to run traffic simulators and models for traffic planing, signal optimization and network flow. The 40 processor [Itanium2] will assist in developing models to meet the escalating traffic demands or to establish an effective transportation plan in the event of a disaster.

SGI logoTraffic simulation is a very data intensive application,” said Dr. Neville Parker, director of UTMSC, CUNY Institute for Transportation Systems. “The 40 core SGI Altix 4700 platform provides the low latency, scalability and expansive shared memory we need to allow multiple users to run our large-scale transportation models simultaneously.”

The main traffic simulation software application, VISTA, allows researchers, public agencies and private consulting firms to generate large scale models for a number of different scenarios. These models include evaluating the impact of various infrastructure changes and assessing traffic control measures such as signal timing, speed limit changes, and HOV lanes.

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