HPC in business 'pockets'

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PC World Canada ran a short piece last week covering remarks made by a Sun executive to a group of business leaders about the relevance of HPC to mechanics of running a business

The discussion, which centered on HPC’s shift to mainstream from its traditional research sphere, served to help CIOs identify current uses of the technology and potential opportunities for its use in the business.

A business probably already houses “pockets” of HPC technology scattered across the organization, which may have over time been individually purchased…

Apparently Fowler injected a welcome note of realism into his remarks, a view very likely shaped by past customer experiences

But once deployed and successful, he found it was necessary to manage the expectations of those in the company who perceived the grid to be “the magic button.” He suggested setting expectations around the types of problems that can be solved with HPC and assessing whether they are manageable on the existing infrastructure.