Intel talks Nehalem, Larrabee, Dunnington, Tukwila

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Intel has issued a press briefing giving some details of its future multi-core products.

The quad core Tukwila will be the first QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) enabled Itanium and will support a huge 30MB of cache. Dunnington, slated for second half of 2008, will be a six core Xeon MP processor. Nehalem is the new microarchitecture, which among other things incorporates the much awaited QPI architecture. Larrabee, which is being pushed as visual computing, includes a high-performance, wide SIMD vector processing unit (VPU) along with a new set of vector instructions including integer and floating point arithmetic, vector memory operations and conditional instructions. In addition, Larrabee includes a major new hardware coherent cache design enabling the many-core architecture.

There are some other press reviews at The Register and The Inquirer.


  1. Note that PC Perspectives has posted the entire Intel slide deck: