Job: HPC developer with Tierra Geophysical

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After reading my LNXI requiem posts, Christof Stork posted a note in the comments asking how to get in touch with displaced LNXI guys for a job he has open. If you guys have organized some kind of email alias that companies looking for HPC experience could use to get at you all, I’ll be glad to post it here.

Failing that, I told Christof I’d post a link to his job for him. It’s for an HPC apps developer in Denver with Tierra Geophysical

Tierra Geophysical is a rapidly growing small software company that builds the next generation HPC applications for the oil & gas industry. This is an exciting time for the industry not only because of the high oil prices, but also because there are a series of high opportunity expensive seismic imaging algorithms that will be practical soon, and upcoming CPU hardware changes have much potential. We know the algorithms, we know the market, we have the business contacts, we are pretty good software developers, but we need more HPC expertise. Can you help?

More info here.