Win CCS at Callaway Golf

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Microsoft was talking about this in June of last year, but to coincide with the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta this year they’ve just released an HPC case study on Callaway Golf, makers of fine golf gear for duffers the world over.

I’m a sucker for “ordinary stuff meets HPC” stories. Here’s the lead from MS

Microsoft logoWhen the Linux-based high-performance computing (HPC) cluster in use at Callaway Golf reached the end of its useful life, the company began looking for a replacement solution. Callaway Golf switched to Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 running on HP hardware because the solution offered several advantages over one based on Linux, including lower overall costs, improved ease of use, and greater manageability. The company’s new HPC cluster is delivering an eightfold increase in performance, helping make engineers far more productive and enhancing their ability to deliver innovative, high-quality products.

It’s small by HPC standards, but the story is still interesting. Full case study here.