Cray in Oz

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That may be the coolest of the iHPC headlines so far.

From “The Australian” late last week (while I was in the woods with a bunch of campers) comes news that Cray CEO Peter Ungaro keynoted the Cooperative Research Centre’s annual meeting — CRCA08 — in Sydney, Australia last week.

From the article

Cray logoCRCs are such interesting structures, peopled by such interesting people, that even a grumpy old bloke like Henry enjoys the passing parade of boffins and bizoids encouraged to collaborate for private and public good.

At present there is a special frisson as the nation is in the midst of an inquiry into the National Innovation System (NIS).

The conference was kicked off by Peter Ungaro, CEO and president of Cray Inc.

Mr Supercomputer himself.

Ungaro asked how does an idea get off the ground. With difficulty unless … unless there is a supercomputer in the link seemed to be the story. Even Apple has a Cray it seems.

But the bigger point was far less obvious. Cray needs to work with the best of the boffins if it is to keep at the forefront of the supercomputer game. As with other great American companies, it is founded on great science and manages to keep great scientists working to create great commercial wealth as well as effortlessly to contribute to what we call the “public good”.

Nota bene from the Wikipedia: “In the slang of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, boffins are scientists, engineers, and other people who are stereotypically seen as engaged in technical or scientific research.”

The CRC program was established in Australia in 1990 to develop public-private research centers to spark innovation in manufacturing, IT, medical science, and other areas.