PhD work in Italy

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Reader Luca Bianchi from Pavia University in Italy dropped me an email to let insideHPC know about opportunities for PhD research. I’ve pasted in Luca’s email and contact info below. If you’re interested, get in touch directly (oh, and if you end up headed to Pavia for some of your thesis work, send some snaps to insideHPC of you doing something “Italian”)

I’m a PhD Student at University of Pavia, Italy and I’m working a lot with my colleagues on HPC issues.

We’re developing a big research group on HPC and we’re looking for students interested both in thesis jobs and/or PhD positions. Any interested student for thesis can freely contact us (for students outside Italy also some study programs could be arranged to cover travel expenses – e.g. erasmus program)

PhD exams will be hold on October, but application due date is July.

We’re focused especially on CUDA and IBM CELL technology, but not strictly constrained to them.


Luca Bianchi

HPC & Multimedia PhD Student
Computer Vision and Multimedia Lab


Thanks, Luca, and good luck building your group.