AMD releases new quads

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Something that is on AMD’s web site is news that they’ve revved the Opteron line with the introduction of the Opteron SE, part of which is aimed at the HPC community. On Monday AMD introduced

AMD logo…four new Quad-Core AMD Opteron SE processors to help IT managers take a new approach to “scaling up” their datacenter in order to address demanding enterprise-computing environments. Rather than invest in traditionally large and expensive enterprise-class proprietary hardware, the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron SE processors empower businesses to affordably and easily scale up a datacenter by moving to servers that can offer enterprise-class functionality at industry-standard pricing. Adding more cores to 4-socket and 8-socket x86 servers can allow users to gain greater levels of performance and efficiency which is necessary to handle database and virtualization applications.

From news at ChannelWeb

Adding clock speed to its 8-socket quad-core portfolio are the new 2.4GHz 8358 SE, priced at $1,865, and the 2.5GHz 8360 SE, which runs a cool $2,149.

“In the 2-socket space, we’re talking about the HPC folks, people doing genome-mapping for instance, where they need every last bit of clock speed and performance from each core,” said AMD server chip manager Steve Demski last week.

“In the 8-socket space, the demographic is customers doing the really intense number-crunching against those big enterprise databases.”