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NetApp aims at technical computing with new producs

NetApp announced today that they’ve released new products aimed at helping the company build out its support for engineering and HPC. There are 3 pieces to today’s announcement

  • The FAS3100 and V3100 storage system series which flesh out the middle of NetApp’s storage line, supporting configurations from 400 to 800TB.
  • A Storage Acceleration Appliance, which handles automatic data replication for multiple readers in a single dataset
  • And the Performance Acceleration Module, a PCI Express-based add in that plugs into your existing NetApp gear to speed random read accesses.

The announcement has quite a few more details, so you may want to check it out. Or you can head over to HPCwire and read the short feature piece I wrote on the announcement after speaking with Brendon Howe, the vice president and general manager of the NAS & V-Series business units. Michael’s on the left coast, so give him a little while to get in a shower and a cup of java before the article posts over there.

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