Mellanox establishes HPC Advisory Council

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Today Mellanox announced

…the formation of the HPC Advisory Council, a distinguished high-performance computing ecosystem that includes best-in-class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), strategic technology suppliers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and selected end-users across the entire range of HPC market segments. The Council was formed to accelerate HPC innovations and new technologies, optimize system performance, efficiency and scalability and provide the best total solution to the end-user. The Council will also collaborate to extend the reach of HPC into new market segments, which have been traditionally governed by single workstations, but currently require the performance of HPC clustering to meet current and future end-user requirements.

Lots of folks in it with names you’ll recognize, including Dell, AMD, Intel, Appro, DDN, Microsoft, ORNL, SGI, and others.

“As the HPC market expands, end-users increasingly ask for ways to improve productivity,” said Jeff Wierer, senior product manager at Microsoft Corp. “We anticipate the HPC Advisory Council to drive valuable best practices in how to use high-speed networking and Windows HPC Server 2008 in mainstream enterprise and commercial datacenters.”