Penguin Releases Scyld 4.2

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penguincomputingPenguin Computing has announced the release of the latest version of Scyld, its cluster management software stack.  Version 4.2 adds features such as multi-master configurations for high availability, integration of cluster authentication into existing directory services and integrated support for parallel or clustered storage systems.  From the release:

Each compute node in a cluster can now be assigned to more than one head node. This feature enables the rapid configuration of highly available clusters. In case of a system failure on the primary master node, compute nodes can now automatically be reassigned to a secondary master. This ‘multi-master’ feature also allows for the quick repurposing of compute nodes. In situations where multiple clusters are configured for specific purposes, compute nodes can be assigned to one of many configurations, depending on the current computational workload situation. The added flexibility and attention to system availability are unique features in the HPC market and directed at the new generation of enterprise researchers. Besides the multi-master capability, Clusterware 4.2 also provides the ability to seamless integrate a Scyld cluster into an existing directory service infrastructure. And finally, support for the parallel file system, Lustre, was added.

For more info, read the full release here.