Chill-off results

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System News has a great post this week highlight results of a demonstration that compared the effectiveness of a variety of cooling solutions in an actual datacenter running Sun V20s. This is the kind of thing that is getting a lot of attention these days.

A copy of Nelson’s presentation can be found here and the final Accenture/SLVG report here. All of the case studies can be found here, including the Sun Modular Cooling Test, “The Chill Off.”

…In the end, Nelson writes that he found a number things that stood out the most this test:

  • All of the modular cooling solutions are more efficient than traditional datacenter designs.
  • As an industry, we need to keep pushing the inlet temperatures higher. Our server fans did not kick into higher speed even with an inlet temperature of 80 degrees F.
  • If we can get these temperatures higher, it opens a huge amount of the world to economizers.

Very interesting.