Kotura helping Sun with nanophotonics work

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You may recall that back in March of this year Sun announced that it had won a $44M, 5 and 1/2 year contract with DARPA to develop on-chip optical networks enabled by silicon photonics and proximity communication as part of DARPA’s Ultraperformance Nanophotonic Intrachip Communication program. The research program will combine optical signaling with proximity communication in order to construct arrays of low-cost chips in a single virtual ‘macrochip’.

Wednesday Kotura announced that they are supporting Sun in that effort with a 5 year, $14M contract from Sun

‘Sun is a global leader in high performance computing, advanced parallel computing and CPU networking,’ said Jean-Louis Malinge, CEO of Kotura. ‘Optical interconnects for CPU-to-CPU connectivity is an important application for both of our companies. We are delighted that Sun has selected Kotura for the UNIC program.’

…’We have a great working relationship with Sun and DARPA and are now expanding upon that,’ added Mehdi Asghari, CTO for Kotura. ‘Our collaboration will speed up the development of multi-layer photonics technology targeting extremely small footprints and ultra low power consumption for HPC (high performance computing) applications. Under this work we will develop a range of key building blocks for Optical Interconnect such as interlayer couplers, multi-channel multiplexers and demultiplexers, integrated high speed modulators and detectors.’