Microsoft opens new computing research lab in New England

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Found at HPCwire yesterday, news that Microsoft has opened a new research lab in Cambridge, Mass.

Microsoft logoMicrosoft Research’s newest lab officially opened today with a symposium hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Microsoft Research New England was founded this past July by Managing Director Jennifer Chayes, Ph.D., and Deputy Managing Director Christian Borgs, Ph.D., with a charter to build on Microsoft Corp.’s commitment to advancing the state of the art in computing. The lab’s focus will be on interdisciplinary research to explore the boundaries between traditional computer science and social sciences, in collaboration with the broader research community.

…Microsoft Research New England will focus initially on the combination of core computer science — especially as it relates to new algorithms — and the social sciences, including economics, psychology and sociology. An additional team of researchers also will focus on design. The combination will bring together form and functionality in the context of how people use — or want to use — technology, with a goal to envision and begin developing the technology experiences of the future.

This is the sixth of MS’s labs; many more details in the press release, including a call for all smart people to apply.