SiCortex Bumps Performance, Increases Energy Efficiency

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SiCortex announced yesterday that it has doubled the price/performance ratio of its entire product line.  The increase in efficiency comes by the way of a performance bump on the silicon, advancements in system software and leading-edge compilers.  They released some initial TCO numbers compared to an Intel x86-based cluster.

  • Up to 2:1 Delivered Results/$CapEx advantage
  • Up to 9:1 results-per-kilowatt advantage
  • Up to 3:1 results/$TCO advantage over a 3-year period

Neat!  So what they’re really saying is I could pack some real computing power in my home office without breaking the bank.

SiCortex has doubled its performance capacity without increasing the number of processors,” said Christopher Stone, president and CEO of SiCortex. “Ourcomputers now double the ROI at the time of purchase, and lower overall TCO by more than 60 percent over a three-year period.”

For more info on the performance and efficiency increase, read the full release here.