A Hot Chips diary, and a call for your post-travel thoughts

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One of the neatest things I think people can do with their access to the interwebs, or access to guys like me with a campsite on the interwebs, is broadly share previously localized information. A good example is conferences: only a small part of our community is at any given conference, and a really helpful thing you can do when you go to one is to write up your impressions of what you heard.

Ganesh Swami shares with his fellow IT’ers his thoughts from the recent Hot Chips event. This post is about a month old, but I still thought it was worth pointing to as any example of something that’s helpful for the rest of us that didn’t attend, but that probably wasn’t difficult or particularly time consuming for him to scratch out.

Here’s my summary of the hot chips workshop that I recently attended. It was well attended with over 600 people showing up. The organizers also provided lunch on all days and dinner on one day. I learnt a lot, not only from the tutorials and talks, but also from talking to people during lunch and dinner.

Just honest gut reaction. Let me encourage HPC’ers to do the same: if you go to a conference or workshop, take a few minutes on the plane home and write down your thoughts about what you saw and heard. insideHPC would love to either publish or point to this kind of info, so when you get back, drop us a line.