Idaho Launches Research Network

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Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, yesterday, launched the Idaho Regional Optical Network [IRON] GigaPoP connection in Boise.  The Boise GigaPoP will serve as the gateway to the National Lambda Rail research computer network.  IRON was sparked by the folks at Idaho National Lab [INL] and regional universities.  Initial participants will be will be INL, the state of Idaho, Boise State University, Washington State University, the University of Idaho, BYU and Idaho Hope Hospital Association.

This is a truly momentous occasion for Idaho, opening the state to economic opportunities in all areas, but specifically in information and technology growth,” said Gov. Otter. “Economic expansion comes, in part, by increasing the number of new commercial businesses that are created in technology parks where reliable, cost-effective, high-speed network connectivity is critical. IRON increases research and funding opportunities at universities and laboratories in Idaho. And a byproduct of the increase in research is additional jobs for Idahoans.”

Good for Idaho and the surrounding region.  Very cool stuff!

Brent Stacey, IRON’s president and INL’s chief information officer, said, “The vision was to create a high-speed, cost-effective research and education fiber optic computer network infrastructure across Idaho, for Idaho. The collaboration and teamwork that transpired across Idaho’s universities, research laboratories, state government, and the health care industry was nothing short of remarkable. IRON is an excellent example of our ability to work together at a grass-roots level to make a difference.

For more info on IRON and the latest Lambda Rail connection, read the full article here.


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