Appro shanghais new chip for cluster offering

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Hah! I just made that headline up. Good times…anyway, Appro announced today that they’re also moving to adopt the 2000 and 8000 series of AMD’s new Opteron, codenamed Shanghai, for its HPC cluster products

Appro logoAppro will refresh its Dual and Quad-socket server line with performance optimized and power-efficient server platforms based on the new AMD Quad-Core Opteron Processors. The new processors are expected to deliver 35% lower CPU power consumption at idle compared to previous generations of AMD Opteron processors, offering customers a business advantage when it comes to managing power costs.

…Appro will also launch the new Hyper Cluster Series, a line of power-efficient and performance optimized cluster solutions. These cluster solutions are expected to achieve 25 to 30 percent greater performance, depending on the application, primarily due to the larger shared L3 cache (6MB vs 2MB) in the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, instructions per cycle improvements, and higher clock frequencies.