Clustercorp Announces Rocks+ 5.1

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Clustercorp has announced they will launch their latest set of Rocks rolls, Rocks+ 5.1, at SC08.  The new roll set will add the ability to build complete virtual clusters as well as a new Mellanox OFED roll, the NVIDIA CUDA Roll as well as updates to their complete roll portfolio.

Clustercorp is excited to deliver Rocks+ 5.1 to the ever expanding Rocks community,” said Tim McIntire, president and cofounder of Clustercorp. “The launch is a culmination of efforts from the Rocks Cluster Group, Clustercorp, and our commercial partners; whose backing of Rocks is critical to the development of a complete HPC stack. We look forward to continuing our mission to make great HPC solutions accessible to the masses.”

Clustercorp will also host quite a few open question sessions at their exhibition booth featuring experts from Totalview, NVIDIA, Qlogic, Mellanox, Portand Group and X-ISS.  For more info on the Q&A sessions, check out the schedule here.  For more info on Rocks+ 5.1, check out the release at HPCWire here.