Former Intel employee charged with stealing $1B of trade secrets while working for AMD

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That might be the longest headline ever at insideHPC. Anyway, my HPCwire pal Tiffany sent a link to this juicy bit of tech drama to me:

Intel logoAccording to several reports on Thursday, a former Intel ( design engineer has been charged with stealing $1 billion worth of trade secrets from the chipmaker while he worked for its main rival, Advanced Micro Devices (

AMD logo…Pani resigned from Intel in May, with plans on staying on until June 11. However, rather than investigating a hedge fund job he told his supervisors he was considering, he started working for rival chipmaker AMD. During this period, he still had access to his Intel laptop and the company’s network and was even on both companies’ payrolls.

According to the story the FBI charged him after finding a hundred pages of sensitive docs covering Intel’s family jewels on Pani’s hard drive.

However, Pani told investigators he had no intention of harming Intel, and was going to give the information to his wife, who also worked for Intel.

Well, good luck with that defense.