SiCortex's latest installation: it's for the kids

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This just in from SiCortex

SiCortex logoSiCortex, Inc., maker of energy-efficient high-productivity computing (HPC) systems powered by a proven open-source, multi-core processing technology, today announced that the University of Maine (UMaine) has installed two of its ultra-low-power high productivity computers. Funded in part by a National Science Foundation grant awarded to a group headed by Dr. Phillip Dickens of the Computer Science Department, the SiCortex SC648 and the SC072 computers will power the University of Maine Scientific Grid Portal for accessing UMaine’s vast computing resources, scientific applications and research animations. Users ranging from Maine’s top research scientists to schoolchildren will be able to access the Grid Portal via the Web, right from their laboratory or classroom computers.

The application is the UMaine Ice Sheet Model, and students will use it to experiment with environmental parameters and see the impact on the climate. You know what’s cool about that? Schoolchildren will be using HPC to make Al Gore proud. I love this as a way to get kids engaged not only with science and math, but with what we do for a living.

Kudos UMaine!