Tesla C1060 announced for CX1

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Last week Cray and NVIDIA announced a rev to the recently announced CX1 that incorporates Tesla

Cray logoNVIDIA Corporation and Cray Inc. today announced the availability of NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU Computing processors in the new Cray CX1 line of supercomputers. With “ease-of-everything” features and the ability to fit into a standard office setting, the Cray CX1 product reflects NVIDIA and Cray’s goal to drive high productivity computing solutions into a broad array of markets including financial services, oil and gas, life sciences, government and academic.

nVidia logoEach Tesla processor has hundreds of processor cores that deliver nearly one teraflop of peak computing performance(1). The Cray CX1 delivers up to four teraflops of performance, right at the deskside, when configured with four Tesla processors.

This move grows upon Cray’s use of NVIDIA gear for the vis blade option in the CX1, which I covered during the original announcement at HPCwire

This flexibility extends beyond just compute blade options — the CX1 can also be configured with one or more visualization blades — something not even available in any other system of this size. The CV5401 visualization blade features NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics cards as well as an optional NVIDIA GPU.