Test driving the iDataPlex

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Doug Eadline’s latest installment over at Linux Magazine takes a look at IBM’s iDataPlex

IBM logoBut anyway, after receiving confirmation that IBM’s iDataPlex is actually the hottest (or more accurately, the coolest — but more on that later) new “clustering system” on the block, I decided that I needed to find out just what the buzz is all about.

…However, that was before I attended the High Performance on Wall Street conference in NYC at the end of the month. Heading over to the IBM booth there was a large graphic of the iDataPlex and a real node. A nice man started running through a list of product specifications with me, but I still did not quite get it. What the heck is so special about this thing?

I like skeptical articles, and this one has a happy ending.

Indeed, after thinking about it, much of the design is just good engineering, nothing overly remarkable or even breakthrough in nature. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the iDataPlex is that nobody has thought to combine all of these great ideas into a single system like this until now.

As someone who has asked the same question about the iDataPlex (and not just to himself), I was happy to read the article. Good job, Doug.